Online Banking Security
Learn how to safely use these convenient products and services.


Online Banking Security

Bill Pay in Online Banking

  • Online banking requires you to use an email account. 
    • Protect access to this account at all times because it is used for communication from online banking.

  • If you elect to use online banking, you can then register for bill pay.

  • Once you register for bill pay, payees can be established.
    • Recipients receive the money in one of two ways depending on the recipient’s capability:

1. Paper check: These are cut and sent in advance of the scheduled day.

2. Electronic ACH: These funds are immediately transferred on the scheduled day.

  • What are the risks of using bill pay?
    • If you do not protect your computer or device in the manner described above, a hacker could take over your machine.
    • After taking over your machine, they could watch you login into online banking.
    • After learning your online banking credentials, they could add themselves as a payee in online banking and pay money out of your account into theirs.

  • Ways to protect yourself
    • Log into your account regularly and check your balances, activities, and payees.
    • Secure your device as described previously.
    • Monitor your emails diligently for notifications of changes to your online account and payees.

Online Banking Enrollment Docs

  • Please review the following documents for more detail on online banking enrollment and alerts.

  • This information will help you avoid fraud.